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In the heart of Africa, Uganda is the meeting point between the African savannah that comes from the south, the Nile basin that goes to the north, and the mountains of tropical forest shared with the Congo, in higher parts the cloud forests they protect gorillas. All the maximum diversity of Africa concentrated in one point.
The trip will allow us to enter the cradle of humanity, where the human being originated.
Sit next to a family of Gorillas
Navigating the Nile Slope Swamps
Hike through the African savannah

Speckle-breasted Woodpecker (Dendropicos poecilolaemus) African Crake (Crex egregia) Martial Eagle (Polemaetus bellicosus) Verreaux's Eagle-Owl (Bubo lacteus) Shoebill (Balaeniceps rex) Temminck's Courser (Cursorius temminckii) White-bellied Robin chat (Cossyphicula roberti) African Broadbill (Smithornis capensis) Black-faced Rufous Warbler (Bathmocercus rufus) African Golden Oriole (Oriolus auratus)

A unique trip to the great diversity of Uganda, where we will go to the meeting point between the African savannah in the plains, the tropical forest, the cloud forests of the mountain and the wetlands of central Africa.
This trip promises to sit with the Mountain Gorillas in the cloud forest, at least 300 species of birds in 10 days, mammals of all sizes, both the emblematic and unknown from the center of the continent, crocodiles and an astonishing diversity of plants.

Uganda - May 2021
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14 days
Species in the trip
African savanna, rainforests, cloud forests, wetlands.
Target birds

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